When it comes to homes in America, most front yards are for looks, while backyards are where you can find the real fun. Underscoring the point is a trendy outdoor feature that is growing in popularity and is all about enjoyment. Beer gardens are springing up in backyards where homeowners want to create a great party venue or a quiet landscape where they can enjoy their favorite brew(s) in the great outdoors without having to drive somewhere to capture the ambiance.

Beer gardens can be whatever you want them to be…

“Man caves” and “she sheds” now have competition, but it’s not a sign those popular projects are going away anytime soon — it’s more an indication that homeowners are looking for different ways to complement the overall look and feel of their properties while indulging their passions.

Wide Open Country suggests that if you already have a backyard building of some sort, you can convert it into a bar, which would be the perfect complement to a beer garden.

Country Living says you can let your imagination guide your thinking in setting up a beer garden, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to create an inviting, comfortable and functional setting. Then again, if you want your beer garden to be the envy of the entire community and money is no object, there are contractors who can build the backyard social spot of your dreams.

Beer gardens to fit your budget

Simple beer gardens may be little more than some outdoor furniture and a galvanized steel tub filled with ice and stocked with bottles and cans of your favorite brands.

Opposite that simple set up, more upscale beer gardens will typically feature beautiful landscaping, with neatly trimmed grass, beds of flowers and other decorative flora.

The most popular hardware includes taps that are connected to refrigerated kegs. A standard keg dispenses 15.5 gallons of beer, equal to 248 eight-ounce servings. Many homeowners will go for “pony kegs” which are half that size, especially if they’re offering several different beers on tap during a party. And, what’s a draught beer without a frosty mug or glass from which to partake? That’s easily accomplished by putting the glassware in a freezer, either a free-standing unit or a model that works in combination with a refrigerator.

Outdoor grills and fire pits are popular in beer gardens

Grills are a must-have for gatherings where you’re feeding guests or are dining outside with the family. Fire pits are great for roasting marshmallows or making s’mores… but they also provide warmth in cooler months and help keep flying insects away in spring and summer.

Home improvement stores can supply you with plans for built-in grills or fire pits, or they can show you a wide range of portable models that will get the job done.

If you want to have these items built-in, it will cost significantly more but will give you an upscale look you would be proud to show off at parties and other gatherings.

Finishing touches

There are literally hundreds of features you could add to your beer garden. Among the most popular are concrete, brick or tile patios, walkways, decking that includes built-in tables and seating areas, roofing, retractable awnings, stone walls, wood fencing, gazebos, hot tubs and hammocks.

Beer gardens can be whatever your budget will allow. You can create one for under a hundred dollars or you can invest tens of thousands. The one common outcome is that you are almost certain to enjoy it.

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