Our President and founder, Sandy Haynes, was recently featured in the Denver Post. A special thanks to Colleen Smith for her wonderful article about succulents – we are honored to be included in the mix.

Chic succulents are still on trend along the Front Range — and for good reasons. These architectural plants are practically perfect.

“Succulents make sense for the Front Range because they are extremely xeric in nature, which suits our semi-arid climate. They are easy to grow, maintain, and propagate, making them a great one-time investment that can fill your gardens for years to come,” said Sandy Haynes, the owner of Stonewolf Gardens.

Haynes plants succulents in her award-winning landscape designs, where the low-water, low-maintenance wonders fare well in beds and borders. But succulents take center stage in container gardens, living roofs, wreaths, and other crafts that raise the unusual plants so they’re more readily observed.

“I have planted many succulent pots for clients have had so much fun with the textures and colors. I’ve done both giant succulent and sedum pots and low centerpieces for tables. Some of the shapes are so striking and otherworldly. They are fascinating,” Haynes said.

“Succulents work well for gardeners who are a little more leisurely in tending to their plants,” said Haynes. “They don’t need much care, if any at all, depending on species.”

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